Researchers who contribute to RDoCdb as well as those who use RDoCdb for secondary analyisis report their results through the NIMH Data Archive (NDA) using the NDA Study feature. An NDA Study is an object that links a finding, result, or publication directly to the underlying subject-level data where it is available in NDA. When results are published, the investigators create an NDA Study which is then listed in the Data From Papers section. Interested researchers can browse this section and view summary information, or download the associated data once the Study is shared with the research community, if authorized for access. Each NDA Study can also be issed a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which is a persistent link that can be used to reliably cite or reference the data supporting your publication.


Investigators sharing data are expected to report their results by creating an NDA Study, as are researchers accessing shared data for secondary analysis. If you are an investigator with publication to report, visit the Data From Papers section and click Add New Study to begin.


As a researcher, a Study allows you to organize your data by defining cohorts and associating subjects (GUIDs) with these cohorts. From there, you can define the outcome measures (primary and secondary), the type of data, data analysis techniques and software, and results found. Creating a Study provides data with a context to make it a useful resource for other researchers, and is a key step in in maximizing the potential benefits of data sharing.