Planning for a smooth and successful submission to NDCT should start as early as possible, including before even submitting your research application. This section provides guidance on what you will need to consider when applying for funding through to the completion of your proposed research.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re interested in applying for a grant that will involve sharing data in NDCT and are looking for information on the process for using the repository.
  • You’ve been awarded an NDCT grant with an expectation for data sharing and want to get started on planning your data submission project.
  • You’re ready to organize your data for sharing in NDCT.


If you are ready to begin uploading appropriate data, please visit Share.


Proceeding through our planning site page by page will provide a walkthrough of the process for preparing for, and carrying out, a successful data submission. We also have training videos available on key elements of the process.