The ABCD Study's inaugural Curated Annual Release 1.0 is now available. The ABCD Study began sharing its Fast Track imaging data in July 2017. All ABCD Study data is stored in the NIMH Data Archive Collection #2573.


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Researchers new to the NIMH Data Archive system interested in gaining access should create an account below and follow the instructions to request access. Returning researchers can log into their account using the Login button.



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The ABCD Study is a landmark, longitudinal study of brain development and child health. Investigators at 21 sites around the country will measure brain maturation in the context of social, emotional and cognitive development, as well as a variety of health and environmental outcomes. For more information about the ABCD Study, please visit the ABCD Study website.


If you are mainly interested in the phenotypic, clinical, and data derived from MRI images, you should navigate to the pre-prepared packages section of the NDA and use the NDA "Download Manager" tool to initiate download of the 3GB dataset.  The query tool can also be used to download a subset of that data. The raw MRI images and the minimally processed imaging files are over 30TB in size which may make data transfer difficult.  To access those images, you can use Computational Credits and compute on the data in the cloud without downloading the needed files  in their entirety (see here).  You can also use the query tool to find a subset of the data that are directly relevant to your research questions and download that subset as needed.  Finally, if you feel that you really need the full imaging data please contact the NDA help desk ( to obtain help in getting the data that you need.